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A warm welcome back :) I remember Molly, would be good to see a pic of her now.

As for the growing....Toby was 18months when I got him and was very long and very skinny. I don't think he's grown any more but he fattened out a bit at between 3&4 years I think. He weighs about 50pounds but, imo, he is light boned. Know another basset who is smaller and thinner than him but actually weighs more as she is heavier boned.

As for you thinking her small, I think it is all relative, as I think Toby is big because I also have a little westie so he is massive in comparison, but, at the park when he is chasing other dogs I often hear people say "look at that wee basset run" and compared to the other he does look small. :)
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