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What a differenct time makes!

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I was going through some old pictures of Sadie & Spencer (missing Sadie), and am always amazed at just how much Spencer has changed over the years. Sadie was 11 yrs old when she died, and other than a tiny bit of gray and a few extra pounds, she did not change all that much. I think Spencer on the other hand, changed dramatically. My boy has faded! :)

As a pup, not long after I got him:

Age 5:

This past winter, Age 11:
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OMG! I just love that frosty face! He was just adorable as a puppy and has grown into a very handsome man!
He had definitely faded over the years, but still very cute!

although grey, he still has that puppy look to his face...such a cutie!!
What a sweet heart!! Hey, tell him grey hair isn't so bad. :) It's a sign of wisdom that comes with age. :)
I think Spencer on the other hand, changed dramatically. My boy has faded! :)[/b]
Spencer might be gray around the edges now but, he's still Mr Personality Plus! :D
It is amazing how much they change over the years. Spencer is still a very handsome boy! I love looking at his pictures, he always looks so happy.
Aw Spencer!! I just love seeing picture of him. He's very photogenic.
I've seen the same difference between Lightning and Stomps. Stomps is at least 13 or 14, and he hardly has any gray at all. Lightning (who has the same coloring as Spencer) is 11, but he's almost completely gray. He has a white strip down the back of his neck (which looked like lightning, hence his name), and soon that stripe might not be visible anymore. It's amazing how some dogs' coloring changes so much and others don't change at all. But if Lightning looks half as handsome as Spencer, I will be very proud.
Thanks for the comments/compliments. :) Spencer is quite the character, and the light of my life!
Spencer reminds me of our fella Dusty. We did not get him until he was 6 but his tan markings were very bold no gray to be seen and now at almost 13 (13 next week actually) his face and legs where the tan was is gray as gray can be. I did not realize it, until like you a while back I was looking back at some photos and was like WOW what a change. :) I do however think both our Spencer and our Dusty boys look very handsome with age. LOL
He is still a very handsome boy, especially with his sweet frost face. Francis and I have a lot in common, I went totally grey at 28 (and darned if any of you figure it out, thanks to Clairol) and Francis had a pretty frosted face by 7. I think it only makes them look more distinguished. :( I wish it worked for women!
Yep, I gotta agree the gray makes them look handsome and distinguished. :) I've got a soft spot for the seniors.
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