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Wet Messy Ear Soluttion

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Hey everyone I'm Maizey. My owners adopted me a year ago and realized that drinking and eating was not easy without making a mess. So please check out the idea I came up after a full year of trashing the floors LOL. I would love to here what you think. Less mess Dog Bowl cover
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That's pretty nifty! Too bad mine don't use a bowl with a lip on it. But that's a good idea to me!
that's KEWL!
and it comes in MEMPHIS BLUE!
We use a tall skinny bowl set that keeps the ears well clear of the food.
great idea! Easy to apply if you have multiple kinds of bowls in the house...anything tall for mine and they just knock it over so this is great for the lipped bowls : ) more power to you for doing your own business kind of thing!!
Thats a good idea, ive herd of things out there like that. but its a brilliant idea.
Nice!! innovative idea, we give it 2 thumbs (paws) up.

Any interest in working on this issue of ear clips for basset hounds? I was looking for some that would be commercially available (and better than chip clips, which is what we are using now...). see thread if interested:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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