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Wet Ear

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Poor Rusty's Ears are soaked most of the time! Especially the right one! I posted a video awhile back of Wilson chewing on Rusty's ear. Well, the little guy does this several times during the day. Rusty doesn't seem to mind at all. He'll sit there and let Wilson chew his ear till it's practically dripping wet!!!!!!!! I hate it! It's not the ear canal but the long silky hanging part of the ear. Rusty loves Wilson. They play alot during the day. Maybe it's a security thing for Wilson?? Anyone have any ideas????
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Gunny (the GSD) does that to Yogi all the time! Ugh! Yogi doesn't seem to mind it though. Yogi does get really mad when Gunny pulls on them too hard! When I clean Yogi's ears out Gunny comes over and tries to do the other ear and then when I am done he goes into the clean ear and cleans that one too! I always wondered if it was a submissive type thing? Gunny also licks the side of Yogi's mouth and face too. I don't really like the ear thing but as long as Yogi doesn't mind I am inclined to let it go.
Is there food or something else good tasting or smelling on the ears? I've had dogs that delight in cleaning other dogs' ears, and dogs that love to have their ears cleaned, but it usually involves the ear canal rather than the leather.

We had a rescue golden, Houston, who was dog fearful/aggressive. When we brought Buffet home as a puppy, she was wild, as are most puppies. Houston learned that to calm her down, he could give her an ear bath! That gave him some control over her behavior, and probably helped us all to avoid some unpleasantness. :)
We have a brother and sister pair. The brother likes to chew on the sister's ear. He definitely thinks he is dominent over her. It's interesting to read about others having this issue.
No, there's no food on the leather of the ear. It is just like Wilson is sucking a security blanket or something :rolleyes: He looks very content when he's doing it and Rusty will sit there or lay there till his ear is literally dripping wet :huh: I think it's sweet that Rusty is SO tolerant of just about anything but I do worry when he lays down and all the wetness is pressed between him and the floor?? I guess maybe I should just keep out of their relationship :lol:
Bella used to suck her own ear until it was soppy (Yug!). She'd carry it around in her mouth like a toy. I think it was like a kid sucking her thumb--Rusty's ears are probably a nice security blankie for the Wilson.
I think it's so funny to watch Wilson sucking on Rusty's ear, but it would drive me insane if it were my dogs. Perhaps you can get a doggy snood for Rusty until Wilson's visit ends? I hate to think what that will do to Rusty's sense of manliness, but as long as he doesn't wear it in public, and as long as it's temporary, he should recover his pride eventually.
I think the reason is simple----a expression of love
Luke has an ear fetish also, and it is not only Dixie's, it is every ones/things. If you are at basset height range and see him enter the coming better cover your ears. I swear his tongue is a foot long and faster than a snake. Nothing like waking up to a cold basset tongue in your ear.
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