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It's raining out, I'm going mad
yes, I admit-stark raving nuts
I'm stuck in the house with two wet dogs
please save me from these crazy mutts

We've started to dig a patio
and hauled in lots of soil
so naurally, it starts to rain
and our patio plans, it did foil

It's been coming down for 48 hours
and there is no end in sight
the backyard is now submerged
surely you see my plight...

We have a lake now, out in the back
the dogs just think it's oh so cool
that we have dug out such a thing
as their very own swimming pool

they roll around in the grass and the mud
and come in all dirty and wet
and of course will no doubt catch a cold
which means a costly trip to the vet

Oh woe is me, I need some help
I'm feeling such despair
think I'll just have to give up
and cuddle with this soggy pair!

Sandy 2006
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Poor Sandy

Apparently it is a good day for ducks and writing poetry.

Chin up, the smell of wet dog is better than the smell of no dog. I'm in your little sinking ship also, it has only been a day and it just seems so grey.

Go and look at some of Steinar's pics. They are sure to cheer you up, then cuddle away.

Susan and Wilson
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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