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Having one or two is just the same amount of work, I think.
Usually the first dog will teach/guide the second dog (sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a bad way).

We got Henrietta first and after 1 year, we decided that she needs a companion. So we got Winston. Winston learned things around the house from Henri (eg. find a doggie door, learned to shake hand, our habits, etc.).

To introduce your first and second dog, you have to find a public area, like a park nearby, or on a sidewalk (somewhere that is not the territory of the first dog). Let them sniff each other, settle a bit, then take both for a walk around, then take both of them home.

The only problem that I encountered was Henrietta felt insecure with her "first" dog position in the family, because we paid so much attention to Winston at that time (he was in such a bad condition from abused and neglect). We solves the problem. We took a dog obidience class at PetCo. We needed to be educated.
Happy ending at last....
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