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Were getting a new puppy

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I'm so excited but also a little nervous. Sadie is 7 months old and I really think another basset will be good for Sadie. She loves other dogs and wants to play with them. She will run up and down our fence trying to play with the neighbor’s dogs. I just adore Sadie and can't imagine not having her and really want another Basset but I am nervous about how Sadie and the new puppy will get along. Sadie loves other dogs, but will the puppy take to her? Will Sadie be jealous of another dog living in her house? She isn't the only dog now, but she is the only puppy and only Basset and has pretty much taken over the house. The new puppy is a male and will be 8 weeks old when we get him. Were going to name him Maxwell, Max for short. We went out to see the puppies tonight, but the breeder doesn't like to let the puppies go before 8 weeks so we couldn't take him home tonight. He is mostly black and white with a little brown in the face. I took pictures on my camera phone but don't have the right equipment to transfer them to my computer so I can't send pictures until Monday when we bring him home. I will have lots to show off on Monday.
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Congratulations with Max!

Can't wait for the pics!

I guess it's difficult to tell in advance,
but bassets normally get along good.

You should be pleased they don't let him
go before 8 weeks, that shows they are
a serious breeder.
I would love, love to have two. But my husband would never go for it. Maybe after we move and have a little more space.
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