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Droopy has always been one of my favories.

I read Bloom County for as long as it was around back then mostly because I liked Opus but also when I learned that the author had a basset hound. AND I bought one of his books once because there was his basset hound picture on the back of it, posed at the drafting table.

I have the Columbo with Dog, the basset, on tape; it's one of the funniest episodes (can't tell you the name right now of the episode).

There was a Maytag commercial a while back with a basset hound supposedly flying in the air to dunk the clothes in the basket like a basketball player. One of my favorite basset commercials. And who could forget the kibbles and bits basset who pushes his (her?) chair over to the table and then in the next scene, the basset is sitting on the chair at the dinner table. Laughed till we roared. Wish it was still on.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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