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Welcome to the family, Gracie!

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Hello all!

I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm a new basset mommy. Gracie joined our family 6 days ago. We're really happy to have her. The whole family loves her already. I'm actually a little worried she will become too spoiled! :p
As a new basset mommy I do have some questions. We will be taking her to the vet and I'm sure she will answer most of my questions. But there are a few things I would like to ask you guys.
We really love Gracie and she has been a joy. But, she whines....a lot. This is normal, right? I did read that bassets are vocal. And boy is Gracie vocal! My question it possible to teach a basset a "quiet" command? I taught our lab "quiet" but, it only took a few days. Gracie doesnt seem to be picking it up as quickly. I'm not giving up by any means. But I was just you your bassets know a "quiet" command?
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Welcome to Gracie and her mama!!
I am also pretty new to being a basset mommy, and everyone here is wonderful! A perfect place to have your questions answered.

I'm sure others will have much better advice, but our Molly did whine quite a bit when we brought her home. It got much better after a couple of weeks. We did not teach her a quiet command, but instead ignored the whining/barking until she was quiet, then went to her and played with her, praised her etc. At first we would have to go to her when there was just a few seconds of silence, because it seemed like the whining was constant. Then we could wait a little longer. Now if she does start the whining, I will turn my back to her, she stops almost immediately and I can turn back to her and give her attention.

Hope that helps!

Laura and Molly
"You ain't nothin' but a hound dawg; cryin' all the time"

the defense rests
Haha Esther! We actually sing that song to her!

Laura - We will try to ignore her more. Daddy gives in after awhile. That cant be helping! She's a smart girl. She probably already has his figured out!
Aahhh... I understand. Molly's daddy is the same way. Of course that just reinforces that her barking/whining is getting attention and then makes it harder to extinguish in the long run. Random reinforcement or something like that; kinda like a slot machine. Can't remember exactly what it is called.

I was lucky in that I am the one home with her all day and most evenings, so I was able to extinguish the behavior pretty well. But when daddy is around on the weekends, sometimes it's a whole other story. And that's when I resort to constant activity (puppy class, Home Depot and Petsmart walks, neighborhood walks, going down to the river to chase the ducks lol) to tire her out so much that when she gets home all she wants to do is sleep! hehe

And where abouts in North TX are you? We live down near Austin. My family lives in Aledo and Stephenville.

Good luck!
We are north of Dallas by about an hour. Oh. What do you do about ears getting soaked in the water bowl? Gracie's ears get dipped into the water almost everytime she gets a drink. It makes her cold and shiver.
Oh my, the ears... *sigh*
Well, we don't do anything about it, just clean them and dry them off, a lot! I actually think Molly likes getting her ears wet. There have been numerous occasions when she goes over to the water bowl and lays down directly next to it so that one of her ears is completely in the water.
I have seen a few suggestions from people on her such as clipping them up, using a "scrunchy" hair band to hold them back, and a baseball cap. Also someone posted a link for (and I may not have this correct) a snoodie or a snood? It looks like a head covering that you would put on a dog so and it keep ears covered.
But like I said, for now we just let her do whatver she wants with her ears, and just clean up! LOL
lol. Well I dont think Gracie would like to have anything put on her head or ears. So I guess we will just keep the "ear towel" handy. :)
and drool towel, but that's another matter entirely.
i have a bowl made for long-eared breeds that works pretty well. Stainless Steel Double Diner Pet Bowls, 1 Qt: Kitchen & Dining
Thanks for the link Esther. i may need to look into those.
Thanks for that Esther! I'm going to order them right away. Now I wont get any unwanted help with mopping the floor! :D
taught our lab "quiet" but, it only took a few days. Gracie doesnt seem to be picking it up as quickly. I'm not giving up by any means. But I was just you your bassets know a "quiet" command?
when teaching the basset quite, what is in it for the dog to be quite? So called easier to train dogs like labs and boarder collies get peasure out of doing stuff for you, the term is bidable. Bassets hounds are just the opposite call it selfish if you want but they don't care about making you happy the only care about themselves. If you want a basset to listen to you etc you need to convince the dog it is in its best interest to do so. When you do that you will be amazed at what quick learners they are.

see Hard to Train?
A look at "difficult-to-train" breeds and the reality of what shapes these canine minds.

One also need to consider the reasdon the dog is whining in the first place. I find for basset nound most of the time whining is an atttention seeking behavior, The standard advice ie convential wisdom for attention seeking is to ignore it. Any behavior that is not rewarded will self extinguish. The problem is conveintional wisdom misses a few points tht make this approach almost always ineffective . ! the reason the dog uses the behavior to get attion is because it was impossible to ignore in the first place, so say ignore something you can't ignore is not real helpfull. 2. Even if you must all your will power and begin ignoring the behavior the dog is not simply going to stop. If you get on an elevator and push the button for the floor you want and nothing happen do you suddenly take the stairs. No you push the button again harder, fater slower longer etc before giving up. But what happens the next time do you take the stairs or try the elevator again. When ignoring a behavior that has been previously reinforce to create an extinction does not go smoothy the is virtually allways what is called an "extinction burst" in which the behavior gets worse much worse before it oges way. So if you had a hard time ignoring the behavior in the first place how the heck are you ever going to ignore it when it gets 2, 3 ten times as bad. Lets say you manage to survive the extinction burst as unlikely as that is and the unwanted behavior ends. Has the dogs need for attention ended? So what do you think the dog will do? give-up or find and even more obnoxious behavior to get attention that you can't ignore.

You could train a less obnoxious behavior for the dog to use to get attinion like sitting quitely. The problem with that is the human element. The reason dogs use obnoxious behaviors to get attion is because they work Us human find it way to convient to ignore the dog when its not being obnoxious, So when the non-obnoxious behavior does not work it becomes extinct..

There is a much better way for dealing with attention seeking behavior it is called harmonny program and the premise is quite simple and easy to follow

The Cure For Attention Seeking Behaviour Disorders

It is so simple – following the “crying baby” model for filling the need as soon as it arises, ASBDs can be entirely avoided as well as cured by giving focussed attention immediately and as soon as the request has been received.

This does not mean one has to put one’s entire life on hold or “run rings around the creature” – it is literally a simple little flash of attention at the right time and when first asked for it; the classic “a stitch in time saves nine” principle.

Rather than “rewarding” attention seeking behaviour, it never gets to escalate, the creature’s energy system remains balanced and the disturbed behaviours never need take place at all.

As the babies who are fed when they are hungry cry markedly less or not at all, creatures who receive attention energy (or love or recognition energy) when they ask for it, their attention seeking behaviours become markedly less frequent, markedly less dramatic and may cease altogether once the system has been in operation for a while and the creature has understood that not only can it get what it needs just the for the asking, but also it’s energy system has become more robust, more healthy, more resilient and won’t collapse when there is a time when attention is in short supply.
Gracie's ears get dipped into the water almost everytime she gets a drink. It makes her cold and shiver
ask for a "spaniel bowl" at any pet store. It is round with tappered sides keeps the ears dry and clean,

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I just noticed you are also from TX. I am liking the recent influx of Texan basset owners ;)

We live in Rowlett. Anabelle is from Operation Kindness in Carrollton and Harley is from the Texarkana pound.
Thanks Mikey. I'm really glad I found this site. I'm getting lots of great info. The problem with the whining is not the need based whining. She's hungry, tired, thirsty, wants to play. It's more the wants that get us. Because we want her to sleep in her crate at night. And she does not. She wants to sleep with us. And once she finally does fall asleep she wakes me us up in the middle of the night to potty. Then its back in the crate for bed and more whining. Or she wants our dinner. Or she wants the trash(we keep it in the pantry) and she sniffs and the door and cries for it. Or she wants one of the kids toys and they took it away. She's not even been here a week yet, though. So hopefully she eventually settles in. I was just curious if she ever would settle in. Since we've never had a basset before I didnt know if they all act like this or what. For the most part I dont mind the whining. I like that she tells us what she needs and wants. It's just I miss sleeping at night. I think she has trouble falling asleep. She will whine and cry when she gets sleepy. Just like a little baby would. So we try and make her comfy and "put her to bed". Maybe because she misses her brothers and sisters laying in a puppy pile with her?
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I'm north of you a bit. I'm actually north of Mckinney by about 30 minutes. We got Gracie in Whitewright, I think. I've been to Carrollton. I got my cockatiel there. I've only been to Dallas a couple times though. We've been to the zoo several times. And we visited the American Girl store. Pretty cool that your so close.
It's more the wants that get us. Because we want her to sleep in her crate at night. And she does not. She wants to sleep with us. And once she finally does fall asleep she wakes me us up in the middle of the night to potty. Then its back in the crate for bed and more whining.
while designed for a younger dog the link below can help

Creating a Nighttime Ritual

you don't mention where the crate is in relationship to you many find having the dog in the bedroom with them will quite a dog that does not want to be left alone. Also for other dogs covering the crate so they can't see out helps as well. You can experiment with those to see if it helps.
We keep her crate in our room. I will try covering it though. She might be crying because she can see us. Thanks for that. Idk why I didnt think of it. :)
Welcome Gracie and mom!

Annie is 6 years old and still whines. For everything and for nothing at all, just because she can. She sleeps in a crate in my room near my bed, I have a towel draped over the top so we both get some privacy. She can still peek under and see me if she needs to, and sometimes does. One of the biggest things to remember when she is in her crate is that when she whines is NOT a good time to let her's hard I know lol, but then she'll always whine cuz she knows what it gets her. Annie will still occasionally whine when she wakes up in the morning, and it's fine cuz I'm usually ready to get up as well. I lay still until she goes about a minute with no whining, then get her up so she doesn't associate the whine with getting up. Now...incessant non-stop whining will get her out immediately because that usually means she needs to use the little basset ladies outdoor bowel relief area :)

Again, welcome to the forum and to being owned by a Basset Hound :)
Welcome to the forum! Neither of our dogs whine too much. Maybe it's because they have each other? But Virga was the biggest whiner when we got her. It was the worst when we would put her in her crate for the night. We eventually figured out that putting her and Doppler in the same room at night in their respective kennels solved that problem. Turns out she was lonely and just the fact that she could see, smell, and hear Doppler was very reassuring to her. Good luck with the whining!
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