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Weird bump

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Hi all, Clem has a bump on her back hip area....I looked this up on the internet and it seems that it could be a shot reaction, because she did have a big round of vaccinations recently. Perhaps a bug bite too, the skeeters are wicked here in FL. It seems to be getting smaller, but my question is, is there anything else this could be that would require urgent attention? I don't think it is a tumor or cancer because it is receding, but what are your opinions? I know I am an overly worried mother here, but i can't help it!
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Murray had a similar reaction to his shots 2 years ago- the vet called it a "sterile abcess" and said it was an immune system reaction to the shot. I would mention it to your vet and see what he thinks- it might be something totally different.
You know our dog Sophie had a bump appear like that and I was worried but than it started getting smaller so I thought okay It was just something weird but than she got another up by her neck. I took her into the vet and they said the bumps were cysts full of oil and hair and are common with hounds because of their oily nature. She drained them. Sophie howled and than it was over. She is getting another one on her neck again so I am planning on going back very soon. Hope that helps.
Those localized vaccine reactions occur at the site of the vaccination, not just in the general area, and they occur within a few days of the vaccination.
I just took Stomps to the vet yesterday for the exact same thing--a firm but not hard lump on one back haunch. The vet aspirated it and said it had lots of white cells but no bacteria or other bad cells. He thought it might be a shot reaction, but Stomps was vaccinated back in November. Would a shot reaction last that long? It's also fairly visible, so I can't believe I wouldn't notice it for four months.
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