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I was just wondering if/when any of you have put you're bassets on a diet to loose a few lbs how long does it usually take to shift?

I just wondered as Snoopy was told to loose weight by our vet and we were told she was on a too high fat diet as we feed her 100% mince meat with her biscuit (we drain all the fat of once cooked and wash it in water to get anymore excess fat off). we've halfed her meals. after four weeks i took her to the vets, she lost 1lb in four weeks. i took her last week after another two weeks cutting back and she stayed the exact same weight! :blink:
i didnt actually see the vet when we went we just walked in, jumped on the scales and walked back out - the prices in the UK are extreem - $40 for ten mins of the vets time! :rolleyes:

i'm just wondering if its difficult for them to loose weight or shall we try her on a different diet?

oh, i've got some FAB pictures of her in the countryside on my mobile phone camera - just need to figure out how to upload it on the computer and i'll post them soon!


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