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Weekend Excusrsion

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An update... after not meeting any basset hounds for months and months, and wondering if they even exist? except virtually? we went to the dog park one day and met a lady with 3 basset hounds. Rosie, Henry, and Daisy Mae. Henry looks a lot like Worm (bigger version), and a couple times when he was running around, I thought he was Worm.

Then we met up w/a guy with 2 gals and here's a pic with Worm and Sally. Also some coonhounds, as apparently, there's even less of them, so they joined and met through the basset hound group.

We finally found a basset hound group around here with a meeting that we can make! So Worm is excited about our excursion tomorrow with a group of basset hounds. Here is the description (shallb, you should come join us w/your bassets if you can!):

Come join us for our monthly walk along the beach at Fort Funston! This is a dog-friendly beach where the temperatures can be 10-30 degree's cooler than when you left your house, so bring a sweater/jacket just in case! We meet at the upper parking lot near the Port-O-Potty' s before heading down the steep steps to the beach. When we get to the beach, the hounds usually stop to run & play before we start walking north along the shoreline. Don't worry about letting you hound off-leash... it's amazing how they like to stay together (although not always, but usually!)! The climb up the cliff is tough due to the soft sand, so you may have to take your time, but so do I, so we can go up together! :) The walk usually takes us 2 hours from start to finish and is a total of 2 miles walking. There isn't any handicap access to get to the beach, but there are plenty of paths up top that you can follow. Please e-mail or call Gwen by Friday to let us know you are coming, so we know who we have to wait for!! Hope to see you there! And like I always say - The more, the merrier!!
p.s. any group over 10 hounds will require at least 1 group photo!! :)

lol about meeting at the Port-O-Potty's-- i am sure the hounds love that! (yuck)


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LO! We say- Wee Worm!
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