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as it was a lovely summers morning we decided to go ot a local village fate. as soon as we got there the heavens opened and it rained and rained and rained but we didnt let it put us off. we had heard that there was a dog contest and were desperate to enter Snoopy!

I took Snoopy to the judge, gave him our £2. Daddy stood and watched under an umberella holding my handbag (so funny). Snoopy sat beautifully as I looked around at our competition. I was certain that she'd win as the other dogs wernt a patch on Snoops! I was so excited i'd planned where we'd put her little rossett in the house when she had won.
We were asked to walk around in a circle - she did it prefectly, only stopping once when we walked past daddy (she kept looking at him the whole time). She then sat back down as requested and the judge kept looking at her again and again - i felt sure she'd won!

He then walked over to two terriers and handed them first and second place. We were GUTTED to say the least. The terriers were barking at each other, growling and trying to bite each other it was terrible. But they won. I dont understand? We were robbed.

Didnt get to take any pictures becuase of the rain (didnt want to ruin the new camera) but she got given a shower when we got home and took a few pics of her drying off and having a lamb kebab for dinner!

We a busy day for us all - we were all asleep by 10pm!!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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