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We just got back from the vet, Molly is

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sick! She vomitted again this morning, so we took her into the vet right away. She has a 103.6 temperature (normal is 101). The vet think she has a flu like virus as nothing else appeared to be wrong with her (no obstructions etc), and she is still having poops. So he put her on Amoxicillin and some other thing that starts with a "C", Centron? maybe. She also got a couple shots :)
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Drool flinging your way. Take care. Both of you.
Sending much hugs and drool! Seems like a lot of houndies are being sick lately :(
I am happy to hear that there are no obstructions. Hope she is better soon. Our Molly was quite sick this past December and I think it was worse on us than it was on her!
Take care,
Hope she is feeling well soon. Happy to be a slave for Tummy Boy.
Poor Molly- hope she is feeling better soon-
Poor Molly - it's so terrible to feel sick. We'll sling lots of drool your way and hope she is feeling better very, very soon.
Poor Poor Molly, please get well soon. Frozen drool is on its ws from snowy Saskatchewan.

Belly rubs and kisses all the way around.

Susan and Wilson.
ryobi,atticus and maddie all say.... arooooooo

we hope miss molly gets feeling better sooooon!!!!
Frozen drool holds its shape better and will arrive in a lump. Make sure Molly ducks when it comes her way. Wilson doesn't want to hurt her and make things worse. It isn't his fault we live in this god forsaken climate.

Susan and Wilson
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