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We haven't posted in quite a while!

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Hi all! We haven't posted since Cyberhound moved over to the new board. But we're still here and still enjoying everyone's stories and photos!

I got a digital camera a few months ago and have started making movies of the girls!

For your viewing pleasure: Agnes and the Mailman

Agnes plays with her new roommate, Rohde the RottieChow

No movies of Lucille yet, but I'm working on it. Enjoy!
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Francis used to bark and grab the mail every time the mail came through our mailslot (and you know how a basset bark can be so low and deep). This went on for a few weeks until one day we were leaving the house just as the mailman was bending to stuff the mail. The guy gasped and jumped back off the stairs. He stared at Franny and yelped, "Is THAT the dog that's been barking when I deliver the mail?!? For God's sakes, I thought he was a Rottweiler or something with that bark!!" Meanwhile Francis is wagging his tail and trying to make a friend.
The guy was still shaking when he wobbled away.
Welcome back, Agnes is adorable in that video.
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