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Way To Go Joe!

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Joe Biden has announced his intention to adopt a shelter dog as a companion to his new german shepherd:


"I've had German shepherds since I was a kid and I've actually trained them and shown them in the past," Biden said during the interview, according to the ABC News blog. "So I wanted a German shepherd and we're going to get a pound dog, which my wife wants, who is hopefully a golden [retriever]."

The dogs will live at the vice president's residence with a spacious fenced yard in Washington, Biden said.

The longtime Delaware senator also indicated the new dog will be picked out any day, telling Stephanopoulous he expects his grandchildren to name both dogs on Christmas morning.

Biden spokeswoman Elizabeth Alexander dismissed any notion that Biden was bowing to pressure from groups such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Taking home a shelter dog was always Biden's intention, Alexander said.

"When the Bidens have had dogs in the past, they've gotten two so they could play with each other,'' Alexander said Friday night. "As he mentioned, they are in the process of looking for the second dog, from a rescue shelter, which was always their plan.''

Shelter and rescue advocates in the region praised Biden's decision.
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