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sam is having problem not being able to handle the salt or wheat in the dog treats. how much water does the average bassett drink a day? i am trying to keep him from becoming fluid overloaded.
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Fred drinks about 2 full bowls of water a day which is about 2 liters a day. He has always been an avid water drinker with any food I give him. (I rotate between Purina One sensitive systems and Purina Pro Plan for Sensitive skin and stomach.) Its kinda funny sometimes, because he'll lay on his side and give this real loud belch. :lol:

Sometimes (not often), he will drink water all day and night and not eat until the next morning. I thought something was wrong at first, but his breeder told me that his parents are finiky eaters and that as long as he is at a healthy weight, don't worry. The vet said the same when I took him for his checkup. (he is a whopping 52 lbs... :lol: )
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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