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It depends on the dog. We have a boy who is obsessive about water and will truly drink and drink and drink until he makes himself sick. He's got some psych issue that he feels the need for it and before any of you jump on me, yes we have had him checked for all the possibilities three times. He does not have diabetes insipidis or any of the other culprits... just an issue that comes from him being deprived as a puppy when he was deprived of food and water before we got him out of his abusive situation. So now we have to keep him from the water when we are away and remind him when he is drinking to stop when he's drank enough.

I would be leary of not giving her the water she thinks she needs as you may end up with a dog like ours. I did not create our issue but we still deal with it and he is now 8 years old and this happened before he came to us at just under 6 months old.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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