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Want to hear your Hound howl?

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My Molly has never howled--she is 3.5.
Yesterday I put new batteries in my smoke alarms--she was sleeping on my bedroom floor and I was in the living room putting the last battery in. When I finished I pressed the test button and the alarms began to beep and Molly began to howl!
I am testing my smoke detectors everyday now, can't be too careful you know!
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LOL, that's funny. I"ll have to give that a's difficult to get my girl to howl.

That's funny. Smoke alarms totally freak Spencer out. They barely beep & he starts shaking & drooling. The only way I can get him to howl is to howl myself. When Sadie was alive, she was a howler & once she got going, Spencer always joined in. Since she's gone, I have to iniate the howling. ;) I love to hear a Basset howl.
Haha!! We have no problem getting our Basset to howl. All we have to do is grab the leashes like we are taking them for a walk. She goes bananas!
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