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Want to adopt. Any ideas??

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We have had Abby for over a year. She is a great dog and we love her dearly. Unfortunatly other dogs here in Japan are not so sociable and so she doesn't have too many friends. My wife and I would like to get a companion Basset for her. We absolutely want to adopt a Basset who may be unfortunate enough to have landed in a shelter. However, Bassets are rare here and the chances of finding one in a shelter are slim to none.

We would therefore have to find a Basset abroad. Ideally a rabies-free country so that our new family member wouldn't have to start any spending two weeks in quarantine upon arrival in Japan. We will be in the UK and Canada (Toronto) over the summer and were hoping that we might be able to convince a shelter there to let us visit. We have contacted one in each country but didn't get a response...I know, they probably thought we were absolutely mad!

But if anyone has any ideas, I'm all ears (Abby too and hers are bigger than mine....)
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Well, I guess that writing this posting tempted fate! Shortly after posting this our vet contacted us to say that one of her customers was having to spend quite a long time in hospital and that her husband could only look after one dog. They have two and as one is quite ill and needs constant treatment, they were looking for a new home for their 4 year-old female.....Basset.

Anyway, we are meeting at the vets tomorrow. The vet will give the dog the "once-over" and hopefully we will soon have a playmate for Abby!

What a happy coincidence! Congrats on the new addition to the family. :)
We met "Hanna" this afternoon and she is really cute (tricolour). The vet checked her over and she is in good shape except for the fact that she is about 10lbs overweight. We agreed that she will come to us in early August when we get back from vacation. She will have to go on a light food & exercise regime to get her weight down a bit. Once she has lost some weight the vet will spay her (she said that at the moment it would be a bit risky).

So, there we go. I will try and post a picture of Hanna when I have one.
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