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Waiting for Jackie....

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Hello Everyone,

I've got a puppy!!! Princess Jacqueline "Jackie" was born on May 20th and will be mine on July 8th. The breeder sent me some pics yesterday that I'll try and post at the end of this. I love this forum and I can't wait to share all of our adventures. I will go ahead and warn y'all that I am a picture freak and will probably post way too many pictures!!! :)

I do have some questions...

1) Has anyone ever had a basset to jump over a baby gate? I'm used to labs and goldens, both of which could jump over just about any gate.

2) Housebreaking...I've seen the posts on bells and I would like to try them. Is there a certain age Jackie should be before I try this? I've already got a crate for her and I have had very good experiences crate training in the past.

Thanks for the pictures...

Sweet puppy face...

Those lovable basset ears...BAT DOG!!!

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Oh my! that face will melt hearts :)
What a cutie!!! It must be hard to wait to bring her home.

She's adorable. I know you are excited and can't wait to get her home.

On the bells, Bogie learned the routine in three days at 10 months, when we got him. I don't know how early you could train them to do this. Just be aware that Bassets do take longer than Labs and Goldens to potty train and instant obedience is not in their gene pool. They are very smart dogs, just hardwired differently from other breeds, mature at an older age, and can be a challenge as a result.

On baby gates, we are on our second Basset and neither has ever tried to jump over the gate. They just plead with you to let them out by giving you that "melt your heart - sad eyed pleading BASSET look".

You are in for a wonderful time with Jackie.
Arooos from Bogie!!!!
Jackie is an precious baby!! How exciting for you! I can't comment on the bells since my kids don't use them. However, I can say that Bassets are typically harder to housetrain than other breeds. Like Bogie's Mom said they are stubborn and will challenge you. My kids have never tried to jump over or on a baby gate. They do however plead with the sad Basset eyes. LET ME OUT!! With training consistency is the key! Good Luck!! I look forward to many stories and photos!
Thanks for the advice...since I've been lurking around this site for so long, I'm well aware that Bassets aren't known for their listening skills (except to listen to themselves). I also have three books on bassets so I am prepared, not scared :p :p I'm sure that with a lot of love and tons of well placed treats...Jackie will be housebroken sometime :p

I can hardly wait...
Eeeep, what a cute puppy! I can't wait for her gotcha day photos, so I cannot imagine what you are feeling! Welcome to the forum, it's a fantastic place for help and information.
Arlene and Opus.



[Have already decided that my next hound is going to be a rescue]

re baby gates - they don't jump over the gates. Why go to the effort of jumping when you can run and charge at it? Or bite the bars and pull it open or pull it out completely?

We use a baby gate in our bedroom door way at night and Sadie has never jumped over it. But before we got a kennel we were planning to just leave her gated in the kitchen for the day but she learned in no time at all how to use the fridge that was off to the side of the door way as leverage and slide herself up and over the gate. I couldn't figure out how she was getting over the gate, I didn't think she could jump that high at that time, she was only 11 weeks old. Then while I stood there watching she did it in front of me and I realized how she was doing it. There isn't anything for her to use as leverage in our bedroom and we only use that at night in case we don't wake up when she does I don't want her having the run of the house and destroying things.
She is a real beauty!! Mine have never jumped over the baby gates but they have figured out how to use their nose and push up on it if it isn't secured tightly.
We use a baby gate with George to keep him in the house when we want to have the back door open but don't want him underfoot (mowing, painting, trying to eat outside) and I used to use one to keep him and our Yorkie separated because they did NOT get along, and we've never had any problem with him trying to break it down or jump over it, either, though he's quite capable of opening DOORS when he wants to. :lol: I think you'll be fine, and especially if Jackie grows up around them, she'll learn that it's a barrier she can't/shouldn't cross. She's ADORABLE, by the way. I'd never get tired of kissing that face!
Waiting for Jackie RE:

Welcome !! What a cutie!!! :D . "baby gates Are a good thing. "<G>.Tummy Boys Mom.
Oh my what a cutie pie !!!

Roxy is five months old and I use baby gates every day! She has not yet even tried to jump them.

I am planning to start using bells this week on our kitchen door because she hates the two steps that she has to go down to go outside and tends to pee right in front of the door. I really hope they will help.

Welcome, this is an awesome group ! :D
What a darling little BABY-girl!

We're looking forward to all of the growing up pictures.

Enjoy everything! They grow up fast.

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Its so hard to wait...I ended up in Petsmart yesterday and that was not the best idea. They had puppies from the humane society and it broke my heart not to be able to adopt them all.

Petsmart also hurt my wallet...I just couldn't help myself from getting a whole bunch of things for Jackie. Its funny because while I was picking out stuff for her, I was thinking "this is too much, but if I just cut back a little on the groceries for me..." I don't even have her yet but I'm already sacrificing myself for her. :D
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