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Buford T Flatfoot here….desperately woofing in. My problem? Pw. Clemmie (ATB) is whacking me on the head wif her paw. $87 You know what that is? The amount that I am behind in the race for 2006 WoW Waddle King. If 10 slaves donate $10 I am back in the running. Every little bit helps, whether its $1 or $100. It helps the homeless houndies.

First, a big aarrrooooUUUFFF to everyone who is helping cheer my mom up and is supporting us-Thank you! The slaves have been really sad since Pw. Clemmie made her trip to the bridge. My momslave tears up and mumbles something about missing her smooshy girl. My dadslave mumbles-“Buford, watch out-someone has gotta wear the rhinestones”. That is cause for concern. BIG CONCERN. I don’t do rhinestones.

Initially, I started woofing that I was waddling in honor of my special senior sisters, Duchess & Ms. Maggie O, ATB. Since Pw. Clemmie is no longer with us, I am waddling in her memory too. Now that I’ve woofed that-she won’t let up on the paw. She was schooling me in beggin’. She’s woofed from beyond that just ‘cause I can’t see her that’s going to stop! So please-take a moment, make sure Pw. Clemmie can get some peace and quiet on her cloud, and for the love of dawG get her to stop smacking me upside the woofer!

And of course, we have some lovely pawting gifts. Sponsors of $15.00 get to a must have euro-decals. No respectable BUV should be without. First is “Slave to my Basset Hound” wif a basset hound silhouette in the middle. Only 6 are left!

You can sponsor us three ways


2) [email protected] Via Paypal

3) Checks can be made out to ABC Basset Rescue and mailed to

Lisa M. Lucas
417 Parma Center Rd.
Hilton, NY 14468

Please….pawhaps if I am King, Pw. Clemmie will stop whacking me wif her paw from the great beyond, and the she-slave won’t make me wear rhinestones. You’ll see at what happens when my she-slave dresses me up. I am a BOY for dawG’s sake.

Buford T. Flatfoot CGC RN CL2-R CL2-F CL2-H

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Buford T., my buddy Moe was also a rescue and I lost him to kidney disease too. He made me send you a donation, even though he's a CAT! (The bestest cat ever, I swear.)

I only have one question in return: what does "Pw." mean? :?

(Dudley & Minnie's Slave)
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