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About once a week, Buddy our Bassett, starts heaving, and when I say heaving I mean from his toenails up heaving. Usually giving us enough warning to move him outside. Then he brings up yellowish thick mucus with one piece of grass or an herb from my garden in it. Is there a vitamin out there that would replace his grazing in the herb garden, since this seems to be what is causing the vomitting?
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How old is Buddy? How many times a day does he eat?
Buddy just turn one last month, as close as we can tell, he is adopted, and he eats twice a day. When he throws up he never throws up his food, it is yellow mucus and whatever vegitation he grazed on.
Do you give him rawhide chew toys? That used to cause Lightning to throw up a lot. He now can only have Nylabones.
No rawhids ALLOWED in the household! They give off the same scent as wet leather shoes and I have found puppies can not tell the difference between the two, so as not to lead them in to temptation I avoid it altogethter. No it is just green stuff that comes up.
I would ask my vet about that. When mine were puppies, I gave treats before bed because it was too long for them without food and they would wake up and vomit the bile from empty tummies. It sounds like Buddy's too old for that though. Mine often eat grass when their bellies are upset, so perhaps it's not the herb/grass causing it. Does it happen at different times, or always at the same time. Perhaps if it's in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning you could try giving snacks before bed and see if that helps.
The eating of grass/vegetation may be a symptom of the problem rather than the cause. Dogs often graze on vegitation to induce vomiting.

The fact that the dog is only vomitting Bile may be very telling coupled with the fact you are feed twice a day it is quite possible that the bile build up is upseting the pups stomach. I have a couple of adult dogs that can't go 12 hours without food or they will vomit up bile. Pups are even more sensitive. Feeding three or four times a day could be the solution and it is very easy to try.
Thank you! We had Buddy to the vets this weekend and it was diagnosed that he had a ear infection and a yeast infection. The doctor said if he wasn't feeling well because of these he would try "his remedy" which was eating the grass and even though it had nothing to do with the ears it was what Buddy could do. She said if he was still doing this after two weeks on the medication they would check out a few other areas. So far since he has been on the meds he hasn't been invading the herb garden so we might have this licked. Thank you for yoru suggestions and I think he will be getting a nightly snack just because!
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