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Very interesting! I've never had a puppy die but have helped to deliver a litter where the Dam died 24 hours after birthing 8 viable pups,she had retained puppies even after a huge dose of oxytocin and had been palpated by the Vet.Vet did not do x-rays because she couldn't feel anything more but next morning Dam delivered one desolving puppy,I felt she had at least 3 more in there. Vet operated but she died on the table. Next-Keep 8 puppies alive.Found surogate Dam but overnight a thriving puppy died.We took puppies back and started to bottle feed.The breeder and I had not dealt with this before,we lost 4 of the eight puppies probably due to fading puppy syndrome but we'll never be sure. I do know not to feed a chilled puppy but I've never had experience with viruses,I don't wish anyone's puppies any harm but it is good to know there is somewhere I can find this info. Thank You
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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