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Dog Class Barney (Red and white) vs Chewy (tri) 2nd series 2nd brace , Basical run off with loser in Fourth place. Second half 3rd Series 1st brace Barney vs Lewie (mahogany)
if Lewie wins field trial over Lewie 2nd Barney 3rd if Barney wins Lewie 3rd and Barney get to go against #1 seed Homer for First. As it turned out quite obviously the trial was over for the dog class after this brace. Video shot by Miriam. I was one of the Judges

based o
Champion class 2nd series Ist brace (dogs seeded 1 & 2) based on how they ranin initial set of Braces determined by random draw. Homer vs Willow (dark Tri)

Bitch Class 2nd series 1st brace Jemma (browner tri) vs Oley (black Tri)

3rd series 1st brace Jemma (brown Tri) vs Razzi (red andWhite). Razzi defeated our Leila in the 2nd series 2nd Brace in perhaps the best run of the entire trial. I was Holding Hermione who was running in the very rare 4th brace of the second series so could not video

In the middle of this video looking down the path you can see a rabbit popout about Half way down but it is not one either dog is on. The popped out about 5 in one spot and each ended up on a different rabbit. In the end this run counted for nothing as the Judges could not pick a winner especial with the split so the had to run again after finding a different rabbit
Jemma finished second which earned her enough points to become a FC

final Eowyn running a horrible line after the trial was over and practicing on our own. This run would not score high with AKC judges.

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