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Video Site for the Technically Challenged

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Yeah, that's referring to my person.

We want to post some videos-- what video hosting sites do u use & do u recommend? we don't know where to start. we actually do have a youtube account but with the problems SophieB had, we don't know anymore...

any thoughts on this appreciated... (oh, and which affords good privacy? and user friendly not just for us but for the people watching it? [ie. so people don't have to download additional software to view the videos?])
--thanks, Worm
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the photohosting site I use (free version) Photobucket also accepts video for upload. The thing is the youtube format allows it to be enbeded in a post easily that is you can play the video from inside this forum where with photobucket it is only a link to it so it open in new window etc.

The photobucket site allow individual albums to be private or pubilc the private one you can still allow freinds to view if you give them the password.

Uploading is simple and easy and allow multiple uploads at a time.
we actually do have a youtube account but with the problems SophieB had, we don't know anymore...
Just curious what those problems were?
I would not worry too much about youtube as long as everything you post is something you filmed yourself and you don't add any music on top or anything. You can't get in trouble for original content that's your own, assuming it's all-ages appropriate.

I use youtube for all my videos and have not had a problem
Also if you do not already do so, I'd recommend having automatic backups of your pics and videos. If you're tech savvy you can hook up 2 drives in a RAID 1 array so they mirror each other automatically. Windows 7 has some decent built in backup tools, too.
If you're tech savvy
some one missed the title.
"Video Site for the Technically Challenged"

you don't add any music on top or anything
In the past I had a video flagged for adding a 'freeware" verison of music It is not an battle you are going to win.
thanks for the info, everyone!!
i'll bug my person to get some videos up soon..
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