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ALL 4 are of a Single Open cast Six dogs running Our Pumpkin short backed darker red and white Purple collar, Vina Large red andWhite Yellow/green collar, Hermione saddleback tri Blue Collar, Spinelli's Rosey Mahogany red collar, Half pint small black & white, Brimley Belle Larger black tri Not that you will see much of them. Compare to the video in the next thread (wyoming Valley) you get an Idea the difference between an AHBA small Pack Hunt and a AKC brace field trial

I female Melissa Spinelli owner of rosie

Male in white hat John Konrad the judge

Other male orange hat voice John Woldaga owner halfpint and bell

Narrator me

for those interested in results

1st Rosie 2 strikes 2 checks 80 point

2nd Half-Pint 2 strikes 1 jump, 1 check 80 point

3rd Bell 2 checks 40 point

4th Pumpkin 1 check 20 points

5th Vina

6th Hermione (vina and hermione placed on judges decision on who hunted and handled best given they did not score)

When pack is running more than one rabbit the rabbit struck in on first is the one that is score. if a split in the run the rabbit the judge believes is the original rabbit is scored, If your dog is running /working on the nonscoring rabbit you can ask the judge if it ok to bring your dog up to the scoring pack which means catching and leashing them then walking them back up to where the rest of the pack is. Not an easy thing to do. When it came to splits it was ours that were on the non scoring rabbit Hence they did not score as well as they actual ran but thats ok. As you will see even running there own rabbit Vina and Pumpkin came back to the pack which was on the other end of a 50 acre plot when they final lost it. As long as the dogs are running rabbit or hare the chance of losing them is remote. Fox, coyote and deer are another matter. The grounds were completely fenced so losing them was not an issue, If they were not I would have handled the splits much differently and not simply let the dogs keep running the non scoring critter,
1 - 3 of 3 Posts