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I give one of my pups Rimadyl for dysplasia, so can't help you, as I know nothing about Zubrin. And Wendy is right --- any medication can cause problems.

But I wanted to say, I use flaxseed oil for a buggy hip and have also been giving it to my pup. It has anti-inflammatory properties and it really does work. I know it works because --- well, it works on me. :D

I don't think flaxseed oil alone would be enough for severe arthritis or for my pup's dysplasia. But you might ask your vet about supplementing whatever medication you choose with flaxseed oil. Maybe she would be able to take smaller doses of her meds, which might be easier on her liver - ?

It's just a thought. If you decide to try it, I use Barlean's High Lignan Flaxseed Oil.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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