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Vet trip today

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Taking Maggie in today to have her spayed. Will be a long day without her around. Get to pick her up Tues. I am off work this week to be here with her. Will miss my buddy today.
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Awww... I hope everything goes well for Maggie. Why can't she come home the same day?

They like the keep pets over night just to make sure they eat and are doing ok. Vet said they will call later today with a report. Sure is odd without her following me around the shop.
I would think our Bassets would eat better at home than in an unfamiliar vet's surgery... hope all goes well for Maggie!
I would have to agree. I know when I don't fell well I want to be home. The good news is the vet called and said all is well. But I still have to wait until 8:30 am. Guess who will be waiting at 8:26 am. or before?
Glad to hear everything went well. You sound like me, getting there as soon as possible to pick up the dog! I think it's probably better that they keep them overnight after a spay but I think many vets don't do that like they used to. I've always had boys and they used to keep them overnight as well but don't now.
I sure miss Yogi whenever he goes in for surgery and I'm there first thing to pick him up.
I hope Maggie has a quick recovery. She looks like she's a sweetheart.
Glad everything went well- she sure is a beauty! It's rough not having them following your every move. I hate seeing them on the meds, but hope she's back in action in a couple days.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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