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Vet says it maybe a neurological problem?

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About four weeks ago Mitch started limping on his back right leg. Then I noticed his back was starting to arch when he walked or was standing. Days later, he started limping on the opposite front leg. I took him to the vets. They found no resistance in the joints or ligaments. He didn’t show that he was in pain. They gave me some anti-inflammatory and told him not to play too hard, run or jump for two weeks. The pills worked…for a while.

Just last week Mitch started limping on the left front leg (the same one as before). A few days later, he stated limping on the back right leg again. His back is arched even more. Sometimes, he will drag his bottom around (on it’s side/hips) instead of walking. He doesn’t want to do anything. He stopped eating.

My boyfriend took him to the vets today and they took x-rays. They didn’t find anything wrong. His knee, legs, and back are fine. From what they could see of his hips, they are fine also. He goes back next week to be neutered. While he’s under, they are going to get better x-rays of his hips. The vet said that if he doesn’t have a problem with his hips it maybe neurological. We would have to take him to a specialist. The visit alone would cost $1500, so my boyfriend says. The vet sent he home with anti-inflammatories.

When I come home, he comes crying to me and just wants to bury himself in me. Normally he wants to play. I’ve been hand feeding him people food just so he will eat something. I think he only eats it because I start to get very upset (sad) and does it to make me feel better.

Other facts:
Mitch is 10 months old
He would ran and jump off the deck (1.5 feet). No stopping him.
He weighs 40 lbs. He’s never been a big eater.
He loves to sleep and just lay on his back, like all bassets.

Please let me know if anyone has any info or suggestions on what could be wrong. I want to know if they could fix him.

I’m afraid to put him under next week for the surgery. If it’s a neurological problem, he may not wakeup. I don’t know if that would happen but it’s a fear of mine.
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Lynme disease can show up as limping in different legs and back problems --might be worth getting him tested.
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