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It was time for Digger's updated shots, and since I can't separate my two, they both went in. The Vet started checking over Dozer and was about to give him the shots :eek: , before I told him he had the wrong hound. At least dozer got his nails clipped and a full checkup for $12. ;) He didn't like the nail clipping though, it took 2 of us to hold him down.

I also got the "should get them fixed" talk when Dozer tried to hump the Vet. :(

It was funny when I was trying to pay the bill. Someone had 2 little dogs out in the waiting room. His dogs were behind the divider wall that separates the waiting room and the receptionist, so my 2 couldn't see them, but they could hear them. My 2 started barking and then started howling at them. :lol: I finally had to put them in the car, so I could write the check, but I couldn't get them out the door. Digger pulled back until his collar slipped off and he ran back up to the door.

All I can say it was way too exciting today.They were excited to go, excited to leave, and Dozer was just too excited to be there. :lol: :lol: :lol:
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