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He has nice dog skills, but from a scientific point of view, what he says is, well ... different," says Dunbar. "Heaven forbid if anyone else tries his methods, because a lot of what he does is not without danger.[/b]
Nicholas Dodman, program director for the Animal Behavior Clinic at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University and author of "Dogs Behaving Badly," goes even further. He calls Millan's techniques "abuse."[/b]
I have no personal knowledge about Cesar Millan. I've never watched his show and probably won't as I don't watch TV. Although if Ian Dunbar or Nicholas Dodman were going to have a show I'd have someone tape it for me. I do know about Ian Dunbar, having attended his seminars, read his book/pamphlets and watched his puppy training video. And I've used his methods and they work. He also has impressive credentials.

Likewise Nicholas Dodman has impressive credentials. I read several of his books and have friends who have consulted him for help with behavior issues.

I really have no reason to watch Cesar Milan. I have no need to learn his techniques because what I've used for the past 40 or more years has worked for me. If I ever have serious behavioral issues with an animal I'll see someone like Dr. Dodman.

I agree that his methods could be very dangerous in the hands of your average dog owner.

Ian Dunbar and Dr. Dodman have been around for years and years. I'd say Cesar Milan is just a fad and his influence on training methods and theories of animal behavior will be minimal. I suspect he'll end of being just a flash in the pants. ;)
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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