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I have never seen an episode of his show, but have heard of the 'Alpha Role' and looked at his website. I agree that dogs need exercise and affection, but its the word discipline' that worries me. I use the positive re-inforcement method in all my training with the dogs, and I have seen it change the mind-set of the dog, and make them not just comply, but happy to do so.

As a lot of animal training now seems to centre on the wolf and the pack, I think it is interesting to note that wolves display a series of body language, amongst other things to control the pack , but very rarely physical force. In the rare circumstances that it is used however, it usually results in the subordinate member being killed.

I personally don't think this 'Alpha Role' changes the mind-set of the dog, and may possibly confuse the message you are trying to convey although it may work in the short term. I also wonder if when a dog decides it would like to move up in the pecking order it would perhaps challenge it's owner in a similar fashion.

This is the sign that my dog training school has above the door.....People who use physial force or punishment to train a dog, do so because they are too ignorant or lazy to train a dog properly (or words to that effect). She also refuses entry to any dog wearing a choke chain. Don't think I'd be quite that harsh, but she does get results.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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