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very bad separation anxiety

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anyone got any ideas pleaseJune pees all the time she been checked by a vet &
was given the all clear
she knows to go outside but she just doesn't
i can have her outside for an hour & she will come in & pee either in our bedroom but it's always on my side or my daughters bedroom
its gotten that bad that we have had to take up all the carpet we had & have now put lino dawn because its easier to clean
i don't know if its because of me & tony because we are both not well people tony is diabetic & has a bad heart he had a heart attack
at 28 years old i thought he was going to die
he has trouble with his feet he has nerve damage in them
he has very bad angina & is asthmatic he is on god knows how many tablets but June seems very close to him always wanting a cuddle from him she was bought for me but she is Tony's dog for shure
she will cuddle with me & sleep with me but if she could be with tony 24/7 she would
it doesn't help me because i am visually impaired & i stand in it
i have other problems that affect my every day life & i love having the dogs the give me so much in return i love them all to bits
i can get her to go and do her bisys but sometimes she just pees& if you tell her she just sort of looks at you as if to say what ive peed get over it :p
it can be frustrating sometimes as she has always done this
from a puppy but sometimes i don't think the breeders helped because they had her outside most of the time & i don't think they taught her right from wrong so i think that there was problems there already
but it dose make you wonder sometimes she suffers very bad from separation anxiety but that shouldn't bother her when we are home should it :eek: when she was a puppy & we put her in the car she would pooh in it we tried pheromone sprays & it didnt work
she will still do it every now & then we can't lave her on her own in a car because you will come back to pooh spread all over the car & i mean all over tony got a brand new mobility car & we went shopping for 15 minuets
if that we come back to the car just covered in dog pooh
& as you can imagine tony was a little pissed to say the least that day we was getting rid of her he didn't care ware she went bla bla bla :rolleyes:
even when she had done this she hadn't got a clue why we was upset
with her she just was going mental because wed come back
if we take June out with us now in the car someone has to stay in the car with her or you know what we come back to oh i forgot to say she also pees in the car as well
any advice is very much welcomed :rolleyes:

this is my little June

she's got a heart of gold she's a sweet girl

we hadn't had her long here she was only 4 months
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Please read my thread under "Has anyone experienced this phenomenon". I just went through this. I am not saying this is the case with your baby, but it was certainly the case with my girl. She smelled her brother Benny's cancer and she started peeing everywhere. It was her way of alerting us that he was sick and we had no idea why she was peeing everywhere. It got so bad in the last few weeks before he died that she literally would almost pee right in front of us. We had the back door open on a beautiful day and instead of walking outside, she would go upstairs and pee in the bedroom. I have done alot of reading about this in the past 2 weeks. They have such powerful noses that can pick up just about anything. Very intuitive Bassets. I think you should check your other pets first.
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