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Vanessa goes for her spay tomorrow

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What should I expect afterwards? She is a 6 month old handful :)

How long does it take for them to be up and around? Will she need to be kept crated for a few days?

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Just wondering how Vanessa's spay went? I hope everyting went fine. I plan on taking my two girls next month so I am interested in how you can out.

Sorry I didn't respond earlier, I thought the post was deleted by a mod, I didn't know that it got moved to this forum.

Vanessa is fine. She had the laser surgery and I picked her up in the afternoon. She was a little groggy at first, but then woke up. I figured she would lay down for the 1/4 mile trip home from the vets, but no, she was trying to jump in the front seat, out of the truck etc. Pretty much just being her usual self. I ended up just staying in the parking lot and calling Christy to meet me up there and hold her still for the ride

We pretty much kept her crated for that evening and the next day, but by that point, all the crying and howling and stuff, Christy let her out. It has not slowed her down at all.

I am always worried about her pulling her stitches out, and will feel better after she is healed.

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