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I'm a pretty lucky lady -- I have a Beam Central Vac -- so all I have to haul around is the hose -- I have 4 floors so I am pretty lucky -- But over the last 25 years I have blown 2 motors -- was it the pile of dog hair or the fact the motor is in the garage and it is -40 degrees at times ?? I can tell you though I really only have a hair problem on the bed -- our quilt is washed and put in the dryer weekly -- not much colour left from so many washings -- our bedroom will never look like one in a magazine so when company arrives we just shut the door. The funny thing about the central vac canister -- someone told us years ago that dog and cat hair was compostible -- so we did for years way way back in the woods in our yard. When we finally decided to empty the thing since my hubby built it way too large -- the composter that is -- we could see years and years of hair from all our past buddies -- in layers in this composter -- it never did break down -- now that I'm writing about this it seems pretty gross!! Yuck!
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