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Vaccines--Duration of Immunity Challenge Study

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This abstract from PubMed

Vet Ther. 2004 Fall;5(3):173-86.

Evaluation of the efficacy and duration of immunity of a canine combination vaccine against virulent parvovirus, infectious canine hepatitis virus, and distemper virus experimental challenges.

Abdelmagid OY, Larson L, Payne L, Tubbs A, Wasmoen T, Schultz R.

Schering-Plough Animal Health, Research and Development, 21401 West Center Road, Elkhorn, NE, USA.

The results obtained from this study confirmed that dogs vaccinated subcutaneously with a commercially available multivalent vaccine containing modified-live Canine Distemper Virus (CDV), Canine Adenovirus Type 2 (CAV-2), Canine Parvovirus Type 2b (CPV-2b) and Canine Parainfluenza Virus (CPI) antigens were protected against sequential experimental challenge by virulent canine parvovirus type 2b, infectious canine hepatitis virus, and canine distemper virus administered 55-57 month after initial vaccination given at 7-8 weeks of age. All 10 vaccinates (100%) were protected against clinical diseases and mortality following parvovirus and infectious canine hepatitis experimental infections. All vaccinates (100%) were protected against mortality and (90%) were protected against clinical disease following distemper challenge. Therefore, the data obtained from this study supports at least 4 year duration of immunity for these three "core" fractions in the combination vaccine.
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from The Basset Babbler Vol.32 No.5 Oct.2004. New Vaccination Protocol by Dr. Jean Dodd All of the 27 Vet Universities in the US have followed the immunization protocol as suggested by Dr. Dodd for years. All of these Hospitals will be changing their Vaccination Programs apparently. This is welcome news and you should print this out and take it with you to your Vet should you need reinforcement against over-vaccination. VACCINATION NEWSFLASH [ CIMDA support ] RE: J DODDS VACCINE PROTOCOL I would like to make you aware that all 27 veterinary schools in North America are in the process of changing their protocols for vaccinating dogs and cats.Some of this information will present an ethical & economic challenge to Vets,and there will be skeptics.Some organizations have come up with a political compromise suggesting vaccinations every 3 years to appease those who fear loss of income VS. those concerned about potential side effects. Politics, traditions, or the doctors economic well-being should not be a factor in a medical decision. NEW PRINCIPLES OF IMMUNOLOGY Dogs and cats immune systems mature fully at 6 months. If a modified live virus ( MLV ) vaccine is given after 6 months of age, it produces immunity,which is good for the life of the pet ( i.e.: canine distemper, parvo, feline distemper). If another MLV vaccine is given a year later, the antibodies from the first vaccine neutralize the antigens of the second vaccine and there is little or no effect. The titer is not " boosted " nor are more memory cell induced. Not only are annual boosters for parvo and distemper unnecessary, they subject the pet to potential risks of allergic reactions and immune-mediated haemolytic anemia.There is no scientific documentation to back up label claims for annual administration of MLV vaccines. Puppies receive antibodies through their mothers milk. This natural protection can last 8-14 weeks.Puppies & kittens should NOT be vaccinated at LESS than 8 weeks.Maternal immunity will neutralize the vaccine and little protection ( 0-38% ) will be produced.Vaccination at 6 weeks will, however, DELAY the timing of the first highly effective vaccine.Vaccinations given 2 weeks apart SUPPRESS rather than stimulate the immune system.A series of vaccinations is given starting at 8 weeks and given 3-4 weeks apart up to 16 weeks of age.Another vaccination given sometime after 6 months of age ( usually at 1 year 4 months ) will provide LIFETIME IMMUNITY.

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i just sent Dr.Dodd a e-mail asking her for more info on the subject,if i don't hear from her in a couple of days i'll call her and ask her to fax me anything she may have on this subject.You have never heard of the Basset Babbler!!!!!!! it's the Politically Incorrect Newsletter of dare i say it......FIELD TRIALERS!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's on time sometimes and sometimes it ain't.There is some times some one is bitching about something or giving kudo's about's got news about field trials that i was at and updates me on the ones i didn't make.who's dog died and who the latest grandparent's are.i like it because i feel like i'm in touch with people that i havn't seen in sometime.It's a Field Trial thing mostly so if you don't understand that's O.K. i don't even think we understand what we do ,but it get's us out of the house and away for the weekend. the Dues are $10 bucks for the year if you would like to suscribe,make your checks payable to The Basset Babbler P.O.Box # 105 Harwood,Maryland 20776
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any one can suscribe!! also check your e-mail.i got some info from Dr.Dodds and i'm not to good at some of this posting stuff so i will send it to you to see if you can do it.
Betsy check your e-mail.
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