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Has anyone heard of the controversy on whether to continue with vaccinations after they have had thier puppy shots? I have read on a website that dogs should not have vaccinations every year as most vetrinarians tell you. Has anyone else heard this?

We have always made sure our other dogs have had shots updated, but now I am not so sure. Any input would be appreciated.


Yes, I've heard it off and on over the years. Because of the severe allergies/ear infections of one of my dogs (my lab/shar pei), I feed him the raw food diet, also called a BARF diet, bones and raw food or biologically appropriate raw food. (My basset and husky/collie eat a high grade dry food with no problems.) Those sites and forums seem to be fairly militant about not vaccinating. It's my PERSONAL OPINION that somewhere inbetween the two poles is where most of us are. As always, you need to do what seems to work best for your dog.
I will say that most states require rabies vaccinations for dog licensing. The others can vary. Surprisingly, at our annual check this past July, my vet did not re-vaccinate some of the "annual" shots. Normally, they are VERY mainstream, so apparently their staff is continuing to read and learn--a happy thought.
PS: I have not vaccinated my cats in SEVERAL years. They do not go outside, and the vaccines were becoming harder for them to deal with each year as they aged. The are now 10 and 11 and are healthy and happy.

Sorry for the book. HTH

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Yes there is controvery in regards to vaccinations and frankly there's no easy answer to your question. There are a number of different protocols that need to be tailored to the individual dog. The best advise I can give is to read some of the vast amount of information that's out there, then discuss it with your veterinarian. Here are a few references, the first two being the more "reader friendly."
AVMA Answers

What you should know about vaccination

The Vaccination Controversy

AAHA wraps up canine vaccine guidelines

Vaccination protocols for private homes

Vaccination Guidelines for Dogs and Cats
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