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URGENT HELP NEEDED - Puppy mill bust

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Below is an email about a puppy mill bust in OK. A lot of information is still not available but the situation is URGENT!!!

Please contact your local rescues to see if they can help. And send a lot of drool for all these dogs.

We will be setting up a donation page because the vet bills will be very large.

Subject: Puppy Mill Bust ISO Doxie, Chi & Basset Rescue URGENT!!!

I have been asked to coordinate the rescue of several breeds from a puppy mill in Oklahoma. Please do not ask me the whereabouts or exact details of this puppy mill because I either do not know or cannot divulge the information. I am sorry but this is a seizure and the authorities have asked that these dogs ONLY go to their breed rescues.

Here is what I do know....

I have been appointed the Basset, Chi and Doxie breeds. Please coordinate all questions regarding them directly to me @ [email protected] or call me @ 580-656-4726.

I need to find rescue for these breeds...they are currently living outdoors, have been without food for several days/weeks. They are all emaciated and possibly dying. You must have the funds to care for these animals prior to accepting them into your breed rescue. They will all need immediate vet care.

There are estimated to be 15-20 Basset's, 50 Chi's & 20-40 Doxie's
Some of these dogs may have already passed and we cannot get an exact count until the seizure take place. I will coordinate the pick-up and all paperwork involved with these breeds.

If you can help, please email me privately @ [email protected] or call me and leave a message @ 580-656-4726.

I do not mean to be so blunt but this is a serious matter and involves several hundred dogs. Thank you for your time and please ask permission prior to cross posting.

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