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Upset Tummy

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Charlotte has us worried again. For the last 3 nights she has had an on again off again upset tummy. 3 nights ago she woke up 4 times throwing up (solid undigested looking food) but fell asleep around 4am and woke up her normally happy healthy self, she was fine all the next day and night, then last night again she woke up at 1am and threw up and then threw up this morning at 7am. She isn't acting sick, tons of energy, drinking & eating well, peeing and pooping just fine (too much info sorry). She isn't eating anything new either. I am just stumped. We've decided that if anything happens tonight she will be at the vets office first thing in the morning, but I REALLY can't afford another bill right now. Her vet bills are sky high, we've had her for 7months and spent litterally at least $4,000 on vet alone. (Before anyone judges me on that one just know im a type 1 diabetic and Im not even going to the doctors right now. we are broke as a joke).
Any ideas of what could be up? Is it really anything to worry too much over if she is still eating and drinking normally? And finally does anyone have any suggestions of what could calm her stomach? I was thinking maybe some cooked plain rice. Can you give a doggie pepto bismal?
I'd really appreciate any insight.
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Yes you can give them pepto bismal. I'd be most worried about her becoming dehydrated if she is vomiting regularly. Is she intact? She could be coming into her first season and I know Roxie gets an irritable stomach sometimes if she's in heat or going through a false pregnancy. Is her energy level normal or is she depressed? Could be a doggie flu type thing... our boy just went through one not too long ago but was better after about 3-4 days.
Check to see if she has a fever. If she has a fever you probably should take her to the vet. I don't know that Pepto will stop vomiting. I thought it only worked on the other end. You can give a dog famotadine (pepcid). My vet said to give Lightning 1/2 pill twice a day (he's on antibiotics and steroids right now so his tummy is upset).
. Can you give a doggie pepto bismal?
yes but it is not without risk, dog are more prone to gastric distress from nsaid than humans and pepto contain salicylate which is the active ingredient in asprin. Which can cause gastic ulcers and other complications in dogs While general same at recommended dosaging it can still cause problems especial so if giving more than the recommend dosage.

Bismuth Subsalicylate (Pepto-Bismol®, Kaopectate®)

And finally does anyone have any suggestions of what could calm her stomach? I was thinking maybe some cooked plain rice.
the general recommendation provided there is no illness involved that need to be treated is to Fast for 24 hours fllowed with meal of boiled rice and chicken ~10 time as much rice as chicken for a few day slowly adding regular food back into the mix

She isn't eating anything new either.
Dry dog food can still spoil and it is not alway abundantly clear when it happens, It is often not a bad idea to switch to a new bag in such cases as yours.
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