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Update on Spencer

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We just returned from Spencer's ultrasound appointment. The vet said all his internal organs looked good with the exception of his liver being darker than normal. He said that can be seen in either hepatitis or lymphoma. He showed no signs of hepatitis on the blood tests. So, they did a biopsy of his liver to look for cancer cells. I should know something by late this week or next Monday at he latest. Spencer was not very cooperative at the vet, which I expected. He's such a nervous guy. They had to sedate him to do the tests & he's still woozy. I took the day off so I guess he'll be sleeping off the sedative & I'll catch up on some work. I'll let you know what the test results show.
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Thanks so much for the update...we have fingers and paws crossed here for a good report!

Thinking of you both!

Poor guy! Hope the outcome is good.

Janice and little Ruby
Sending lots of healing drool to Spencer and hope you will have good news on the test results.
I am keeping up with this situation as are other members and hope for the best
Thanks for keeping us updated on Spencer. We are hoping that he will be okay.
Hang in there Amy, we're all pulling for you and Spencer!!!
Keeping my fingers crossed that the biopsy has positive results.
Thinking of you and sending lots of love and drool for your sweet boy...
Thanks for the update. Thinking good thoughts for Spencer. I love that guy's smile!
Thanks for updating us on Spencer's test results. Will continue to send positive vibes your way that the liver biopsy shows nothing out of the ordinary.
Hoping for good news for Spencer! How is he feeling this week?
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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