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If you don't live in Pennsylvania and you know people who do, PLEASE forward this to them

House Bill 2525 is now out of Committee and is on its way to the House floor for vote. This is the Puppy Mill law and it is CRITICAL that you call your Pa. State Representative (not federal). Calling carries more weight than e-mail.
If you don't know your representative, log onto this site and (top right corner) enter your 5-digit zip code PLUS the 4 digit extension. Ask them to SUPPORT HB 2525

http://www.legis. us/cfdocs/ legis/home/ member_informati on/representativ es_alpha. cfm
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This is the bill we've been waiting for to help reduce the number of dogs and end suffering.

Additionally, ask your representative to also SUPPORT HB 2532 (the de-barking and birthing bill). FYI - The puppy millers stick steel pipes down the throat of dogs to destroy their vocal cords so they don't hear the dogs barking and it keeps them quiet so the public isn't aware of where these mills are located. This bill "should" end this action. I say "should" only because we should expect that some will do it anyhow. Currently puppy millers are also cutting open the stomachs of dogs during birthing withOUT anesthesia

This is from HSUS
The HSUS Commends the Pennsylvania House Judiciary Committee for Passing
Important Anti-Cruelty Legislation
HARRISBURG, Pa. (June 24, 2008) — The Humane Society of the United States
commends the Pennsylvania House Judiciary Committee for approving a bill
addressing some of the cruelest practices employed by puppy mills today. The
legislation now advances to the full House of Representatives.
Introduced by Rep. Thomas Caltagirone (D-Berks), H.B. 2532 seeks to outlaw
abusive practices employed by breeders in Pennsylvania’s puppy mills,
including debarking, performing surgery on pregnant dogs to remove the puppies, and
tail docking. Under current law, it is completely legal for commercial
breeders in Pennsylvania to perform surgical births by slicing open the stomachs of
pregnant dogs, removing the puppies, and sewing the dogs back up. There is
not any requirement that the breeders have any veterinary training, use
anesthesia, or conduct the operations in sterile conditions. Breeders may also
perform painful debarking by ramming a metal pipe or other object down a dog’s
throat to rupture the vocal cords and render the dog mute, again without
anesthesia and while the dog is fully conscious.
“The provisions of HB 2532 are common sense to anyone. Only licensed
veterinarians should be authorized to perform surgery on these dogs” says Sarah
Speed, The HSUS’ Pennsylvania state director. “For too long, commercial breeders
have abused the laxity in the law to maximize profit at the expense of the
well-being of the dogs and the unwitting consumer.”
HB 2532 will also close a loophole in the law that allows commercial
breeders to escape prosecution for animal cruelty. Under the current law, only a
Humane Society Police Officer has the ability to cite a breeder for animal
cruelty. In counties where there is no such officer, a breeder may escape
citation. Currently there are three counties (list which ones if we know) in
Pennsylvania that do not have a Humane Society Police Officer. HB 2532 will close
this loophole by allowing Dog Law Wardens in the counties without officers to
issue citations for animal cruelty within the limited scope of performance of
their inspection duties.
The Humane Society of the United States is working in conjunction with The
American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Pennsylvania
Legislative Animal Network to pursue this important legislative effort in
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