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Update on Molli (the basset formerly known as Molly)

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For anyone that was keeping up with us, I finally have a copy of the pathology report on findings for Molli and the two siblings that were sent for necropsies. The best diagnosis at this point is "a type of congenital neuromuscular disease". My vet says these types of diseases are extremely rare, and so there is very little information to be found on them. So Molli is setting the benchmark so to speak.

She seems to be developing pretty well, although she doesn't seem to have the muscle tone that her brother has. Tomorrow marks 6 months old for them. She is still being hobbled and getting around pretty well.

'Gotta love them. They are my babies.
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Its a shame that she is having to go through this, but its good that she's progressing well. Thanks for keeping us updated.

I'm glad she's doing well. There's a lot of love in these handicapped dogs. Good luck!
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