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I got this update this morning from UAPM and am passing it along for those interested:


"Below is a brief summay of some current legislation that affects the dogs in and purchased from puppy mills:

The Canine Health Board standards were published in the January 17th issue of the PA Bulletin. The 30 day comment period has ended.

On February 11th, House Bill 39 passed the state House unaimously (192-0). This legislation would make it illegal for non-veterinarians to perform certain surgical procedures, such as ear cropping, debarking (or cutting of vocal cords), cesarean sections and tail docking.

Senate Bill 50 (Puppy Lemon Law) is currently in the Consumer Protection & Professional Licensure Committee. This bill increases protections for dog purchasers under the puppy lemon law. Allows purchaser to recover from seller if puppy is determined to be critically ill within 14 days of purchase (increased from 10 days); allows owner to recover from seller if puppy is determined to have a congenital or hereditary defect within 90 days of purchase (increased from 30 days); clarifies when remedies are not available; requires purchaser to notify seller within 5 days (increased from 2) of a veterinarian finding a disease."
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