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:D First of all, THANK YOU for all the healing drool slung across the Atlantic!!

Clara was put on her heart meds, and seemed to get a lot better very quickly. . However after a few days her appetite seemed to diminish. Strange, as her "middle name" is The vacuumer.

As the days passed, she ate less and lessand finally she stopped eating completely. After conferring several times with the vet, we changed her medicine. It seemed they made her feel really sick to her stomach.

:) After the weekend on different drugs, she has now started to eat again. Not like she used to but getting there. Her heart has slowed down to normal and she is in a good mood again!
And she can do her favourite rounds around the farm as she used to, without problems!

Clara some days ago:

Mommy!!!!Gimme some PRIVACY pleace!!

The rabbits have dropped some goodies through the`s MINE !

Hi Guys, any goodies to eat here??

Tina and The gang
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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