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Update on Annie, the abused TN basset

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Annie's case has again been postponed - this time until early June. Annie is a basset in TN who "owner" allowed her harness to grow into her skin. She had surgery and is recovering. Her wonderful foster mom is now her furever mom. Annie will know nothing but love and security for the rest of her life. But we don't want Treadway to get away with his torture and abuse. Please take a minute and write or call the DA handling the case so we can keep the pressure on the legal system.

For those of you who requested the mailing address for the DA's office, here it is:
Tony Clark
Office of the District Attorney
101 East Market Street
Johnson City, TN 37604

And here are the phone numbers: 423-753-5020 and 423-434-6840.

If you have a few minutes, please continue to call/write letters, etc. Let Mr. Clark and his office know that this case is being monitored and the only acceptable outcome will be if Treadway receives the greatest possible sentence for his abusive negligence of Annie. Let them know we stand behind them in their effort to enforce the laws they have on hand. Alot of times the culprits of these horrendous crimes against these innocents are not known. Not so with Annie's case. They know his name, they know where he lives, and they have the pictures of his crime against Annie. Encourage them to do everything in their power to not let this slip through the system. They need to be reminded to accomplish the task they have been given.

Annie is safe now. Annie won't ever have to worry about enduring the likes of Randall Treadway or his kind again. But for every 1 Annie there's a 1,000 more out there having to endure the same negligence she experienced. It may not be in the form of an embedded harness, but it may be in the form of a picnic table (like Winnie) as the only shelter from the winter elements; it may be no food or water; it could be inadequate (if any) medical care. It could even be no other life but that lived on the end of a chain. Abuse of any kind, whether it be through ignorance (which is prevelant and widespread), plain old laziness, or just out and out meaness, cannot and should not be tolerated.

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