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update on abcessed anal glands

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Well Murray finished his Clavamox on the 15th, went for a vet check on Monday the 19th- there is still infection in the one gland. So the vet flushed it again with saline, packed it with more antibiotic,and put him on 1200 mg of Amoxicillan for 14 days . He says the duct is not blocked, he is just getting infections in there. I am continuing with his new high fiber diet and am hoping things turn around, but this does not seem to be going well.
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Result of vet check last night: the vet is feeling either scar tissue or a growth in Murray's left anal gland which he thinks is contributing to his continuing problems. If this doesn't resolve in the next eight weeks, I think we are looking at surgery. Our vet is great and knows all of Murray's allergy problems, drug reactions, etc., but I am really hoping we don't have to go through this. I'll let you all know what happens two months from now.
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