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UPDATE November 17, 2009

The two noise code violation complaints that were filed against Wendy Willard by the PSPCA and issued by the City of Philadelphia, Department of Health, alleging animal noise and excessive animal sounds, under sections 10-105(4) and 10-403(6) of the Philadelphia Code, respectively, were dismissed at an administrative hearing today. This victory was the first action on the case. These were the original charges that lead to PSPCA to want entry to her property.
We still are unable find out the whereabouts or condition of the hounds that were seized by the PSPCA and probably won't until the hearing on the cruelty charges in January. This is still a complex case and we are spending about $10,000 a month to get this prepared. If any of you know groups that might want to support this other than our current supporters (NAIA, Master's of Foxhounds, Pennsylvania Federation of Dog Clubs, National Beagle Club, National Basset Club, U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance), please let us know because we need to keep the
money coming in to take this to a successful conclusion.
A full win on this will overturn the mandatory spay neuter laws for anyone having over 4 dogs in Philadelphia and eliminate the arbitrary limit laws there. This would establish a precedent based on constitutional grounds and will be useful in fighting these laws in jurisdictions across the country.

I will keep you posted as the case progresses.

Permission granted to crosspost.

Julian Prager
NAIA Legislative Coordinator
PFDC Legislative
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