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Update: Lightning's uveitis

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For a few months now, I've been trying to fight an inflammation in Lightning's right eye. Yesterday, because he wasn't responding to treatment, I took him to an opthamologist. The eye doc said that L's problem was caused by epithelial degeneration, which is common to older dogs, especially bassets. There's no "cure", but it can lead to glaucoma, so he's now on a glaucoma preventative. The vet said that he sees a lot of bassets with glaucoma. So, warning to people with bassets--a blue cast in the back of the eye is not a problem (if it's an older basset). But if the blue-ish cast is in the front of the eye (check to see if it bleeds a little into the white), the dog needs to see a vet. Now, those of you who have had dogs with glaucoma, at what point was your dog diagnosed and was your dog on the preventative eye ointment?
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Hi, I second the glaucoma check!
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