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Update for "Coughing"

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Duncan went to the vet and my suspicions were correct. He has fluid in his lungs and he now has to take antibiotics and mucinex to clear up the secretions, (imagine that, in a basset nonetheless). It wasn't to the point of pneumonia yet, thank goodness.
They also did xrays on his legs to see how they are doing. (he had an ulnerosteotomy at 8m/o). The vet was really concerned about the instability in his front leg joints so she forwarded the xrays to Duncans orthopedic surgeon. I have to give him a call to see what he thinks. He couldn't even go for a walk last night, my husband had to carry him up the hill. I'm so scared about his legs, he's only 2 years old.
We are looking for a home to buy and all we can think of is if Duncan will be able to navigate it in the future. :(

Here he is napping with his foster baby


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